In this section general settings and shapefiles can be provided.

General settings

 Brief Description
NameProvide a scenario name for future reference.
Coordinate systemProvide the coordinate system of the map. Currently only WGS 84 - Pseudo-Mercator is supported.
Map typeChoose an underlying Map type/image. Choose between OpenStreetMap (map) or Satellite.


Adding shapefiles

Shapefiles can be plotted on top of the map. 

Press () to open a file dialog. Browse to and click on the shapefile (.shp). Make sure that the shapefile is in the WGS84 EPSG 4326 coordinate system.

The shapefile will be plotted on top of the map, and is visible throughout the tools. 

All added shapefiles are listed. Select a shapefile and press () to delete the shapefile from CoDeS.

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