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Delft-FEWS provides an open shell system for managing forecasting processes and/or handling time series data. Delft-FEWS incorporates a wide range of general data handling utilities, while providing an open interface to any external (forecasting) model. The modular and highly configurable nature of Delft-FEWS allows it to be used effectively for data storage and retrieval tasks, simple forecasting systems and in highly complex systems utilising a full range of modeling techniques. Delft-FEWS can either be deployed in a stand-alone, manually driven environment, or in a fully automated distributed client-server environment.

This site

This site provides information on how to use and configure Delft-FEWS, it also contains a FAQ and HOWTO section. Delft-FEWS is available free under license. For more information about Delft-FEWS please visit the Delft-FEWS pages at our main Deltares website, the Delft-FEWS community portal or contact us at

General information on Delft-FEWS applications and our Operational Water Management projects is available here.

Delft-FEWS Events in 2019



Programme and Downloadable Presentations

11th - 14th of March 2019Delft-FEWS User Days - USA @DSD Baton RougeEvent page (New Delft-FEWS Portal)

30th - 31st of May 2019

Delft-FEWS User Days Australia (Melbourne, Australia)

Event page (New Delft-FEWS Portal)

18th of June 2019Delft-FEWS User Day Netherlands (Delft, NL)Event page (New Delft-FEWS Portal)
26th + 27th of June 2019Delft-FEWS Anwendertreffen/Workshop (BSH, Hamburg)Event page (New Delft-FEWS Portal)

6th + 7th of November 2019

Delft-FEWS International User Days (Delft, NL)

Event page (DSD 2019 INT)

Delft-FEWS Courses in 2019 (planned)

If you are interested to receive more information or subscribe for one or more courses, please send an e-mail to:




More info

7th of June 2019 1 day Delft-FEWS Basic Configuration Course Register