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Students have been contributing to our salinisation projects for a long time now. Many different types of projects are possible, ranging from detailed numerical modelling to larger scale system analyses. Please find a list of currently available topics and past internships below.

Available internship topics 

INTEGRAL (info) Contact: salinisation@deltares.nl

  • Creating a map of salinisation world wide 
  • Mapping the impact of salinisation on health, ecology, and economy 
  • Working on an assessment framework for different measures 

INFRA (info) Contact:

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GROUND (info) Contact: Gualbert.OudeEssink@deltares.nl

  • Groundwater salinization near the IJmuiden Sea Lock 

  • Simulating the effect of different scenarios on climate change/sea-level rise and anthropogenic stresses on fresh groundwater in the Mekong delta, using the existing 3D model 
  • On the water - food nexus in the Nile delta: communicating, understanding and monitoring groundwater availability, collaboration with the universities Kafr El Sheikh and Sadat City; also a visit to Egypt is planned. 
  • Comparison of 2D and 3D groundwater flow and salinity model estimations in deltaic regions 
  • Assessing the economic and technic feasibility of offshore groundwater pumping 
  • Assessing the effect of model parameters (e.g. solute solvers, grid convergence) on variable-density groundwater and salt transport benchmark cases using iMOD-SEAWAT and/or MODFLOW6 
  • Fresh groundwater resources management at a farmers level in the province of Zeeland, The Netherlands: setting up robust web-based clipping tools; a modelling study 
  • Assessing submarine groundwater discharge along coastal stretches: a global analysis 
  • Setting up a 3D variable-density groundwater flow model simulating salt water intrusion in a deltaic area: possible cases: the Bengal, Indus, Po, Yangtze, Pearl river deltas 

SURFACE (info) Contact:

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Past internships 

Quickly navigate to past internships within themes infrastructure, groundwater or surface water.


Lucero Avila Ruiz (2022), Eindhoven University of Technology, "The flushing procedure in salt filled cavities".

Sam Maijvis (2022), Eindhoven University of Technology, "Numerical modelling of selective withdrawal for the mitigation of salt intrusion".

Gijs Arts (2021), Eindhoven University of Technology, "Predicting salt concentration by selective withdrawal of salt water through a salt screen".

Arco van Beek (2021), Eindhoven University of Technology, "The influence of a flushing discharge on lock-exchange".

Noor ten Harmsen van der Beek (2021), Delft University of Technology, "Mixing of salinity by ship traffic in canals".

Vaishnavi Duraisamy (2019), Eindhoven University of Technology, "Numerical modelling and analysis of a bubble screen".

Arthur Oldeman (2019), Eindhoven University of Technology, "Numerical Modeling of Bubble Screens for Mitigating Salt Intrusion in Sea Locks".

Vaishnavi Duraisamy (2018), Eindhoven University of Technology, "Bubble screen experimental data analysis". 

Lina Nikolaidou (2018), Delft University of Technology, "Effectivity of a bubble screen as separator of water of different densities".

Laurens de Boer (2017), Hogeschool Rotterdam, "In welke mate kan optimalisatie van de schutoperatie bijdragen aan het beperken van zoutindringing door schutsluizen?".

Annika Blom (2015), RWTH Aachen University, "Validation and application of CFD for lock exchange currents in the Krammer yacht lock".

Mike van Meerkerk (2014), Delft University of Technology, "Modeling of a Bubble Curtain".

Steven Kaptein (2012), Bordeaux Institute of Technology, "Estimation of salt intrusion through locks".















  • Tommaso Letterio, Uni of Firenze, Italy




  • Beatrice Giambastiani, Uni of Bolgona, Italy, Saltwater intrusion and water management in the unconfined coastal aquifer of Ravenna (Italy): a numerical model J. Hydrol. 340, 1-2, 91-104, 2007.



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