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Broken Linear Reclassification

The Broken Linear Reclassification is used to reclassify a map with a broken linear response curve. It is usefull to model a gradual response on subjects like habitat suitability, damage or flood risk. You can add a model with right click at the composite model you want to add the model to in the tree of the Project Explorer and select the Broken Linear model from the menu in the pop-up window. Once you opened the Broken Linear Reclassification window by double clicking in the Project Explorer, both windows look like the figure below. The numbers correspond with the steps to implement a Broken Linear response curve as described below.

User interface for Broken Linear response curve. The numbers correspond with the steps to implement a Broken Linear response curve.

To determine the response curve, the following steps have to be executed:

  1. Enter a name for the input variable.
  2. Double click at the input window or click on the browse box. Select a map by browsing or by selecting a map from previous models or composite models. You can also use results from previous models by linking the maps in the Project Explorer.
  3. Add XY values for the response curves
  4. Enter the name for the output map

(info) To change the name of the model, type a name in the Properties window or change the name in the Project Explorer by clicking on the map.

The user interface will then look like the picture below:

(warning) Be aware of the fact that if the values of the input map are outside the range of the broken linear function the result map will get no data. Add a large number if you want to model all values above (or below) a certain value to get the same value. In the example above: values from 0 to 3 and 12 to 15 will be reclassified as 0. Gridcells with a value above 15 will get nodata. If you want to avoid this, you should enter for example 10000 (or the known maximum value in the map) instead of 15.

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