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Setup and structure of a Project

A project is the basis of the HABITAT tool. It is like a word-document from the Word program of Microsoft or the mxd file from ArcGIS.
HABITAT starts with an empty project. From the menu you can open new projects by selecting 'File, New Project' or open existing projects by selecting 'File, Open Project'. This can also be done with op icons from the toolbar. With 'File, Recent Projects' you can easily go to recently used projects.

The hierarchy within a Project is: Project, Composite models, Models.
Within a project you have different composite models and folders. Folders can be used to structure your composite models. A folder can contain other folders or a group of composite models. For example you can use a folder to structure you composite models for different areas. This could be a folder including composite models and models for the lake IJsselmeer and one for the Waddensea. A composite model exists of a group of models. Models are the actual grid processing tools. They are used to define response curves.

hierarchy/structure of HABITAT

To add a folder, composite model or model 'right click' in the Project Explorer at the item to which you want the add the new item and select 'add new ..'

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