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Introduction and Aim of the JONSMOD Wiki website

The public Wiki website "JONSMOD" at Deltares went live in December 2010. It replaces the JONSMOD website ( maintained by the University of Plymouth, which for administrative reason had to discontinue its hosting. All content has since then been transferred to the present Wiki website.  The aim of the Wiki website is to serve as a communication medium for upcoming JONSMOD conferences or workshops, and as a repository of JONSMOD related data sets such as programmes, presentations, photographs etc. of past meetings. In particular, the JONSMOD site will serve as medium for registration, submission of abstracts and further communication on JONSMOD conferences. The Wiki concept efficiently allows extended access and edit rights to e.g. the Jonsmod members active in organising the conference, etc.

The main buttons are on top of this website. By clicking on "Home", "Previous events 1998-2008", "JONSMOD 2010", "JONSMOD 2012", "JONSMOD 2014", "JONSMOD 2016", "JONSMOD 2018" or "Contact", additional information can be found. This is in the form of powerpoint presentations and photos. 

Contact person for the JONSMOD Wiki website is Erik de Goede ( Erik welcomes your suggestions for improvement of the site!


Introduction to the Joint Numerical Sea Modelling Group (JONSMOD)

JONSMOD was originally formed out of a 1970s research programme. The acronym was Joint North Sea Modelling Group. In 1981, Professor Phil Dyke became its chairman and the organisation had three principal aims:

1. To run a workshop on the latest modelling techniques for shallow seas every two years (biennially).
2. To keep costs to a minimum and therefore to encourage young researchers to present their work in a friendly, unthreatening atmosphere, but to an informed audience.
3. To publish a selection of the papers in an internationally refereed journal. Hence giving young researchers a foot on the ladder into a research career.

In order to be more general and not just referencing the North Sea, the acronym was changed to mean Joint Numerical Sea Modelling Group in the late 1980s. We have successfully attained all three stated aims.

The models presented at the workshops in the main concern shallow sea dynamics, commonly but not exclusively of the physical oceanography of a sea area utilising a constant Coriolis parameter. Wind and tidal forcing predominate in the models.

The venue does dictate the flavour of a particular conference. For example, the conferences that have been held at Delft Hydraulics have contained more than the usual number of papers on smaller scale modelling – virtually coastal engineering; the conference at the Danish Hydraulics Institute contained extra work on ecosystems modelling; while those in Norway contained more models than usual of larger scale ocean flows (β plane dynamics for example).

In recent decade, presentations have taken advantage of power point, video clips and real time computer runs. The 2004 venue was Warnemuende in Germany, the Baltic Sea Research Institute. The 2006 conference was at the University of Plymouth. In 2008 (23-25 June 2008) JONSMOD was hosted at the Institute for Marine Research and sister institutes in Bergen, Norway. In 2010, JONSMOD was organized by Deltares (previously Delft Hydraulics) at Delft in The Netherlands.

A paper about the first 25 years of JONSMOD (1981-2006) was published in Ocean Dynamics in 2007, see History_JONSMOD.pdf. Presentations from previous JONSMOD conferences and photos from these events are available via the buttons at the top of this Wiki website. If you have further photos or JONSMOD presentations you would like to contribute, please send them to ( Please feel free to download and print any of these photos.

Professor Phil Dyke,

Chairman of JONSMOD (from 1998 till 2010)


JONSMOD conferences since 2012
In 2012, JONSMOD was hosted by IFREMER in Brest, France. In 2014, JONSMOD was hosted by MUMM in Brussels, Belgium. In 2016, JONSMOD was hosted by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Environmental and Social Research (CIENS) in Oslo, Norway and was co-sponsored by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo.


JONSMOD Steering Committee 
Since 2010 JONSMOD has a rotating chairmanship. The organizer of a JONSMOD Conference remains the chairman till the next conference. However, since Lars Petter Roed has resigned after he the JONSMOD 2016 conference, Erik de Goede will act as Chairman till the next JONSMOD meeting in 2018. In addition to Erik, Eric Deleersnijder (, Pierre Garreau (, Ulf Gräwe (, Patrick Luyten (, and Karina Hjelmervik ( are the new members of the JONSMOD Steering Committee (SC). After the JONSMOD 2016, Karina replaced Lars Petter Roed, w hile Ulf replaced Hans Burchard.  Stefano Taddei ( is also a member of the JONSMOD Steering Committee because  the JONSMOD 2018 meeting will be held at Consorzio LaMMA, Florence.





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