Blog from March, 2011

As of this friday (march 25) tests that were located in the trunk of the OpenEarthTools repository have been moved to a new test location (

Developers are requested to store all tests and test data in the sub folders at this (test)location, to avoid contaminating our source code (trunk). The test dir can be checked out in the same way as the trunk, or even as one repos (when checking out the complete

A small step for an OpenEarth developer, a great step for mankind: the whole suppletion database - the annual sand nourishment to keep the Dutch feet dry - on your smart phone (iphone).

Load this KML file yourselves to see this:

Disclaimer: we did not yet get kmz files working, nor local kml files, only kml links. And we found some issues when a kml links to other pngs. And the timespan does not work yet either. But at least we made a start.

Just before the NCK icebreaker (see NCK program) there will be an Openearth sprintsession at NIOZ, Texel, zie flyer.

Have a look at all new Rijkswaterstaat timeseries in Google Earth: all pop-up boxes now contain a preview of timeseries and statistics. The kml overview is now generated with the meta-data created by the OET Matlab opendap crawler. OPeNDAP database has also been updated, now with more version history in each file.

The mlabwrapper enables you to call Matlab functions from Python. Since compiling the wrapper is not a straightforward task, readily installable executables are provided for the matlab versions 2010a & 2010b. You have to install the wrapper in your python directory and, consequently, import the wrapper into python by calling "from mlabwrap import mlab". Every matlab function can then be called by mlab.matlabfunction (for example mlab.magic(10)). If you would like to compile the wrapper yourself (for example for another matlab version) some useful suggestions can be found here.

  File Modified
File mlabwrap-1.1.win32-py2.6_2010b.exe Mlabwrapper for Matlab 2010b 07-03-2011 by Wiebe de Boer
File mlabwrap-1.1.win32-py2.6_2010a.exe Mlabwrapper for Matlab 2010a 07-03-2011 by Wiebe de Boer