Blog from May, 2013

May 30th an OpenEarth data sprintsession for Matlab, python, R is organized at request for WaLTER. We will show how to work in DatTube mode with data from the web:

  • PostgreSQL with PostGIS for relational data (ecological data and in situ physical data)
  • netCDF-CF-OPeNDAP for grid data. Deltares and NIOZ produce 200m resolution data (images below) for the (Western) Wadden Sea in the PACE project. This yields about 1TB of data, which you can only work with in web-based mode, it is too much to copy.

We start with a lunch lecture first, and then proceed with a hands-on afternoon
how to extract a relevant subset of the data deluge with Matlab, python and R scripts.

  • when: Thursday May 30th, 12:00 lunch lecture with sprint session afterwards until 16:00.
  • where: NIOZ, Texel. route:
  • Sign-up: gerben.deboer<at>
  • !! Bring your own laptop with your own Matlab/Python/R!!

For tutorials see PostgreSQL for relational data and netCDF-CF-OPeNDAP for grids.