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Accessing netCDF/OPeNDAP data with Excel

  1. Go to an OPeNDAP server (e.g. and pick a netCDF.
  2. Now either 1) Copy the url from the browser and replace *.html with *.asc or 2) copy the url from the Data URL box and append *.asc, e.g.:
  3. Open Excel
  4. Choose the open file dialog, and insert the url

  5. Go through the 3 steps of the import wizard and tick the options for 'comma-separated' values in step 2. For Dutch users also set the decimal separator to a dot (".") (Advanced button in 3rd wizard step).

  6. You now have the data in Excel.

  7. The OPeNDAP server returns 1D vectors in ascii file as rows. Copy the relevant rows to columns with the menu Edit > "Paste special" choise and tick Transpose, see microsoft help.

  8. Now the data is in columns and ready to plot.

See also this.

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