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OpenEarth is, amongst others, supported by the concerted effort of professionals from

It is currently the central platform for data and knowledge management in the research programmes

The most important asset of OpenEarth are its participants, regardless from which institute they are or in which research programmes they participate. Of all OpenEarth users, the following persons consider themselves as ambassadors of OpenEarth à titre personnel. Please add your name asap in case you support OpenEarth.

  • Arentz, Loana (Deltares)
  • Baart, Fedor (TU Delft, Deltares, MICORE)
  • Blaas, Meinte (Deltares)
  • Blauw, Anouk (UvA, Deltares)
  • Boer, Gerben (Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors) (link)
  • Boon, Johan (Deltares)
  • Bruens, Ankie (Deltares)
  • Den Heijer, Kees (TU Delft, Deltares) (link)
  • De Ronde, John (Deltares)
  • De Schipper, Matthieu (TU Delft)
  • De Sonneville, Ben (Deltares)
  • De Vries, Sierd (TU Delft)
  • Damsma, Thijs (Van Oord)
  • Grasmeijer, Bart (Arcadis-Alkyon) (link)
  • Hendriks, André (Deltares)
  • Hendriksen, Gerrit (Deltares) (linkedIn,personal)
  • Hoonhout, Bas (Deltares)
  • Jagers, Bert (Deltares)
  • Laane, Remi (UvA, Deltares)
  • Lescinski, Jamie (Deltares)
  • McCall, Robert (Deltares)
  • Perk, Luitze (Alkyon)
  • Pool, Arend (Deltares, TU Delft)
  • Pronk, Maarten (Deltares)
  • Roelvink, Dano (Unesco-IHE, Deltares)
  • Santinelli, Giorgio (Deltares)
  • Smit, Marije (TU Delft, NIOO)
  • Stive, Marcel (TU Delft)
  • Van der Werf, Jebbe (Deltares)
  • Van der Wegen, Mick (Unesco-IHE)
  • Van Dongeren, Ap (Deltares, MICORE)
  • Van Geer, Pieter (Deltares) (link)
  • Vonhögen, Laura (TNO, Deltares)
  • Van Kessel, Thijs (Deltares)
  • Van Koningsveld, Mark (Van Oord, TU Delft, Building with Nature, MICORE) (link)
  • Van Ormondt, Maarten (Deltares)
  • Van Thiel de Vries, Jaap (Deltares, TU Delft)
  • Winterwerp, Han (Deltares, TU Delft)
  • and many other registered users.

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