In 2012 3TU.Datacentrum (twitter) and DANS awarded the Dutch Data Award prizes as a mark of appreciation for researchers who gather and document data, and make it accessible. We are extremely proud that OpenEarth won the Dutch Data Award 2012 in the category exact and technical sciences!!

As OpenEarth is known for sharing data, models and tools, we decided to share our data award as well. Therefore, we would like to announce the first edition of the OpenEarth best paper award, to be awarded during the Data Science Symposium in the framework of the Delft Software Days in October 2015.

The OpenEarth best paper award will be awarded to a publication on use or developments of OpenEarth. This can concern models, data or tools.

Two prizes:

  1. 1000 euro
  2. 500 euro

The submission deadline is 1 September 2015.

The paper should be accepted or published.

The jury consists of Fedor Baart (Deltares), Mark van Koningsveld (Van Oord) and Jeroen Rombouts (3TU.Datacentrum).

Submission details will follow.






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