The OpenMI Association Technical Committee (AOTC) is a sub-committee under the OpenMI Association Executive Committee (OAEC). The main tasks for the OATC are:

  • To provide support for OpenMI developers and users through the OpenMI help forum
  • To maintain released software packages (e.g. react on bug reports)
  • To develop the OpenMI software development kit (SDK) and the OpenMI configuration editor based on according to submitted feature requests.
  • To make recommendations to the OAEC with respect to new versions of the OpenMI Standard.


  • 15/07/2010: OpenMI Standard 2.0 Beta available.
    The OATC finalized and made available the beta version of the 2.0 Standard.
  • 31/03/2010: Draft review period ended.
  • 23/12/2009: OpenMI 2.0 Draft prepared for review.
    The OATC candidate for the OpenMI standard 2.0 is prepared for review. Everyone is welcome to join the review process or only read what is new in version 2.0.