If you like to get hand on experience with linking models you can download the demo models and use the configuration editor to link and run the linked models. The demo models are a dummy river model and a dummy ground water model. Both models will when running progress in time a do time stepping, but no calculations are carried out. However, these models will have different types of exchange items, so you can try out how to link them. When the linked system is running the models will actually exchange data, which means that you also get some idea of the time spend for data exchange (it is pretty fast...).

Below you can find a step by step instruction. Enjoy..

1: Install the configuration editor

If have not already installed the OpenMI configuration editor, now is the time to do so.
Download the installation file here, double click on the downloaded msi file and follow the instructions.

2: Download the demo models

Download the demo models from here. Save the file somewhere on your hard disk drive and unzip the files.

3: Take a look at the configurations

  • 3.1 Start the configuration editor

  • 3.2 Select file| Open and browse to find the file Gw2GW.opr or RiverAndGroundwaterLarge.opr which are both located in the data directory in your newly unzipped directory structure.

  • 3.3 Left-click on the connection arrow (the blue arrows) to see how the connection is configured.


The data monitor is also included in the zip file.

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