During iEMSs 2010 conference in Ottawa we had an open discussion between OpenM and OMS developers. Possible interoperability between two frameworks were discussed.

Some notes taken by me during meeting:

  • investigate overlap between OMS and OpenMI (scope)?
    OMS: process-based component (subroutine / function level)
    OpenMI: make model from different vendors (legacy code) working on time/space domain talk to each other
  • compare communities of both frameworks
  • implementing adapter from OMS to OpenMI by wrapping OMS components and making them available as OpenMI.
  • Make OMS Java available as OpenMI Java component, connect distributed rainfall-runoff model to FRAMES
  • People to be involved in implementation:

Deltares, Stef, Gena, Bert, Peter
OMS, Olaf
JGrass, Andrea
Alterra, Rob
Scott Peckham