OpenMI Association Technical Committee meeting no 8

Date: October 22 - 24, 2007

Venue: WL|Delft Hydraulics, The Netherlands

Jan Gregersen, LICTEK ( (chairman of the meeting)
Unknown User (, DHI - Water & Environment (
Adrian Harper, Wallingford Software (
Stef Hummel, WL | Delft Hydraulics (
Unknown User (don) (Gena), WL | Delft Hydraulics (
Unknown User (onnoroos), Alterra (
Peter Gijsbers, WL | Delft Hydraulics (
Rob Knapen, Alterra ( - Tuesday afternoon + Wednesday

Wiktoria Daniels, Wallingford software (

OpenMI 1.4 release
OpenMI version 2.0


Agenda & Minutes / Issues:

1. Minutes from last meeting 

See document:

The minutes were accepted

2. Use cases

We worked on new use cases for OpenMI 2. See the OpenMI WIKI 

3. Feature requests

From Jan: I have activated the feature request facility on source forge again. I think that this a more practical way for handling these requests rather that the HTML list.  I made some categories: OpenMI.Standard, Oatc.OpenMI.Sdk, Oatc.OpenMI.GUI, Oatc.OpenMI.Tools, Oatc.OpenMI.Examples, and documentation. And I made some groups: Release, Release, Release, Considered,  Rejected, and Don't use. The latter is there simply because it is not possible to remove existing groups (we can rename it to something else when we need a new group).  The main idea is to categorize items after which package/namespace these belongs to and to groups these after which release they are accepted to be implemented for. Some items may also be grouped as rejected or considered.

I hope that the meeting will agree with this approach. In this case:

We need to review the requests and assign implementation of these to someone.
We also need to review the request listed on : and decide which should be moved to source forge features request list and which simply should be removed.

 We reviewed the tasks  and  change request. We assigned responsible persons and updated the deadlines. There is still many change requests in the change request forum and on We will take care of these later.

4. OpenMI release

General status for OpenMI 1.4 release.
See also OpenMI task on source forge

 We updated the release plan. See updated release plan Also various task on  were updated.

5. OpenMI 2.0 architecture

OpenMI version 2.0 roadmap
We need to make an updated version 2 roadmap.

 We worked on the use cases. Since everyone at the moment is busy with the release not changes to the interfaces was made.

6. OpenMI Java and OpenMI .net synchronization

The new OpenMI standard definition: Personally I am not in favor of making the standard language (implementation) specific. However, looking forward, how will this 1.4 version be updated / modified so that the 2.0 version includes both a .NET and a Java implementation? (Rob)

 We decided to include Java in the standard. So there will be both OpenMI.Standard Java and OpenMI.Standard .Net

7. Miscellaneous issues

Meeting plan for 2008
From Jan: We should make a list with new dates for OATC meeting for 2008. My suggestion is to make the meeting less frequent (e.g. use a two months interval rather than a six weeks interval.) Also I think we should schedule more frequent web conferences (e.g. weekly or every second week). See proposed dates

The dates on the proposed meeting plan were accepted. 

8. Tasks and unresolved issues

Moved to source forge
From Jan: I was getting a bit frustrated over managing all the tasks and unresolved issues. I have therefore moved these to Hope that this helps.
We need to review these tasks and update status for these.

The new approach with taking more advantage of the SourceForge feature were reviewed and accepted as the way to do it from now on.  

9. Any other business