OpenMI Association Technical Committee meeting no 9

Date: November 7, 2007

Venue: Web-meeting   

Jan Gregersen, LICTEK ( (chairman of the meeting)
Unknown User (, DHI - Water & Environment (
Adrian Harper, Wallingford Software (
Stef Hummel, WL | Delft Hydraulics (
Unknown User (onnoroos), Alterra (
Rob Knapen, Alterra (


  • To gain some experience with web meetings
  • Status on OpenMI release tasks, as listed on source forge.


Agenda & Minutes / Issues:

1. OpenMI release tasks 

We went through the release tasks on source forge, which were had deadlines before November 11 or were marked as 100% completed. Some tasks were signed off (closed) and for some tasks the deadline was postponed to November 11th.

2. Any other business

Peter Sinding raised the issue about possible in-compliance if the standard dll is compiled with different version of the .Net framework. As long as the OpenMI.Standard.dll which is released by OA defines the standard this will not be a problem. However, it should be stated in the standard documentation which version of the .Net framework the standard dll is compiled against.

3. Next web meeting

The next web meeting is scheduled to Wednesday November 14th at 8am GMT (the day before the Alpha release).