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Date: 21. October 2010
Time: 14:00 - 15:30 CEST
Venue: Skype Conference Call
Topic: From OpenMI 2.0 Beta to OpenMI 2.0

Table of contents


Adrian Harper, Wallingford Software (
Stef Hummel, Deltares (
Jesper Grooss, DHI (
Rob Knapen, Alterra, Wageningen UR (
Standa Vanecek, DHI (
Unknown User (don), Deltares (

Peter Schade, Bundesanstalt fuer Wasserbau (peter.schade(at)

1. Roadmap to OpenMI 2.0 as suggested by Standa

1.3. Documentation

Updating of the Documentation



task for


What's new in OpenMI 2.0



Todo: remove loop-approach text

OpenMI 'in a nutshell



Still Valid

Scope document



Still Valid

OpenMI Standard2 interface specification



todo: Incorporate text on Standard Extensions

OpenMI Standard2 Reference manual

when source code will be stabilized



Migrating models



will check if still valid

(question) maybe change the names for OpenMI Standard2 interface specification and OpenMI Standard2 Reference manual

1.2. How to



task for


How to download the most recent source code

no changes???


(thumbs up)

How to get started with OpenMI 2.x and Java

no changes???

no changes,


How to link models with different grids (spatial mapping)

small changes

Peter (starting nov. 12th)


How to turn an ASCII file reader into a Linkable Component 2.0

source code for latest version exist. Changes reflecting Time extensions
need to be done in Howto page


(thumbs up)

How to upgrade from version 1.4 IEngine

Did it work now? Will be included to the official release?
– or put it to the pages later?


OK, will just to be sure when migrating Sobek

Upgrading from 1.4 using the upwards compatible wrapper

Did it work now? Will be included to the official release?
– or put it to the pages later?


To be released after more experience

time-dependent / time-independent mixing

how to mix time-dependent and time-ignorant model components



(Jesper): Assuming the most recent HowTo pages are those on - correct?

(Peter): The official review pages -> OpenMI 2.0 Review -> "Content of the review" are more uptodate, at least the spatial mapping page.

1.3. SDK

We will leave SDK like it is just now. New documentation will not be created.

There are memory problems with large element sets.
(thumbs up) Not to long from Jesper will copy the 1.4. fix for this into the 2.0 SDK.

2. Various issues

2.1. Final agreement on the extensions

No feedback from OAEC and OADC. The Standard just has be released as soon as possible.
Proper definition of how to use them and what it means for OpenMI-compliancy has been written (see action above).

2.3. Mixing time-dependent and time-independent components

- Clarify what should happen when time-dependent and time-independent model components are mixed in a model chain. Is there enough "contextual" information available for processing?
This was discussed at the previous meeting, and was solved by wrapping the "ignorant" component in a component that knows about time / space.
To illustrate it, someone will create a how to, with a statistical component (min/max/avg etc.) as example. See status of the How To pages.

3. Remaining issues from meeting no 33/34





OpenMI XSD files

The component and compliancy XSD files still are based on 1.4. Must be extended.

Done by: Rob/Stef

to be approved by Team

Move interfaces to TimeSpace extension

ISpatialDefinition, IElementSet, ITime, ITimeSet could be moved from the base to the TimeSpace extension

Done by: Jesper(C#)/Rob(Java)


Update copyright notice

Add year 2010 to the OpenMI copyright header in all source files

Java updates done: Rob.
C# updates done: Stef
(Standard2 only, SDK to be done)

Update SDK headers

Distribution package

Distribute base and timespace extension in a single package or as two?

(thumbs up) Decided:

Keep as 1 package

Merge IValueDefinition and IDictionaryItem

IValueDefinition is an abstract entity, IDictionaryItem is just one of the available specializations, next to the quantity and the quality. Of course the IDictionary item incorporates part of the element set and time set definition, but this overlap is acceptable


keep IDictionaryItem as extension of IValueDefinition

Rename IManageStateExtension

IManageStateExtension should be renamed back to IManageState, to emphasize that it is an optional interface to the base standard

SH(C#)/RK(Java: Done)


Adapted output factorty providers

Check Specification document and code comments on the limitation of only asking the adaptee's component for adapted output factorties

action: SH


<new issue>


<status: open>


  • Release of the 2.0 Beta: Also notify people who participate in the review process about the new version and changes made according to their input.

4. Actual release

  • Finish actions mentioned above before next meeting (nov. 5th)
  • Perform steps to really release (will be described by SV).

5. Next Meeting

Nov. 5h., 14:00 hrs CET (13:00 hrs GMT).