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Date: 18. Augustus 2011
Time: 14:30- 16:00 CEST
Venue: Skype Conference Call
Topic: OGC documentation and SDKs

Table of contents


Adrian Harper, Innovyze Ltd (
Stef Hummel, Deltares (
Standa Vanecek, DHI (
Rob Knapen, Alterra, Wageningen UR (
Jesper Grooss, DHI (

Peter Schade, Bundesanstalt fuer Wasserbau (peter.schade(at)

Status OGC

The Memorandum of Understanding between OGC and OpenMI has been signed from OpenMI side.
The OATC is waiting for allocation of the time to work on becoming an OGC-standard (read all related documents and perform the required)
This allocation has to be approved by the main partners (HR, DHI, Deltares, Alterra, BAW). The OAEC is trying to get this commitment from the individual partners.
The OAEC asks the OATC what effort is needed.
Standa will send an executive summary of the OGC-documents to the OATC-members. We then will all give our opinions and estimations on the effort. At a next session we will discuss these opinions. Standa will plan a date, and also invite Roger for this session.

SDK's / GUI's

Fluid Earth SDK/Pipistrelle

There is a working SDK available now. No real Fortran examples available yet, but simple examples are working.
Right now, the Pipistrelle is developed.
The OATC is invited to look it the code. After Adrian's holiday, he will work nearly full time, and will provide a version at the end of september. The OATC can use Pipistrelle earlier (half of september).
At at a next session, Adrian will give an introduction to the Fluid Earth SDK (webex like session).


Jesper noted quite a few problem in the element mapper. Question: do we keep improving our own spatial mapping module, or do we want to use an external one. In the FE SDK/Pipistrelle DotSpatial will be included. There might be a platform issue, but we assume that the most relevant part will run ok on linux and mac.

Oatc Java SDK/GUI

No progress has been made on the java SDK. Rob will continue to work on it.

Other issues

Johan van Asselt has created new pages. Standa will send us a link and ask Johan to send a password, so that we can have a look at it. Once the site is up and running we will introduce an OATC email address as suggested ( or

Standa has not yet got in touch with Robert Szczepanek. Will be done after the holidays.

Dan Cornford (Aston Univ. Birmingham) c.s. have implemented the OpenMI interface (v1.4 java) with the UncertWeb SOAP/WSDL web service. Rob has given them a suggestion for a predator/prey model, and they are currently implementing that.

Next meetings

Thursday Sept 1., 14:30 CET - 16:30 CET: introduction Fluid Earth SDK
TBD: Session on OGC actions/planning