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Date: 4. November 2011
Time: 10:00- 11:00 CEST
Venue: Skype Conference Call
Topic: OGC documentation and SDKs

Table of contents


Adrian Harper, Innovyze Ltd (
Stef Hummel, Deltares (, DHI (
Rob Knapen, Alterra, Wageningen UR (
Jesper Grooss, DHI (
Peter Schade, Bundesanstalt fuer Wasserbau (peter.schade(at)

Status OGC

As decided during the previous Skype session, before the end of the year (2011) Standa and Stef will produce a first draft for the required papers for becoming OGC-compliant.
They will take the specification document as a base, and re-arrange according the OGC-guidelines for these kind of specification document.
In januari the OATC member will react, after which we will have a final document end of januari.
Once finished, it will replace the current specification document.
(question) Standa, could you add the various mile stone dates here?

SDK's / GUI's

Fluid Earth SDK / Pipistrelle

Adrian is making progress. He is currently focussing on creating a converter, that adapts a 1.4 component. This most probably will succeed, however, the transformation of 1.4 data operations into adapted output is a difficult issue.
The expectation is that we can provide automated conversion for quite a few 1.4 components, but not for all. The 'convertability' depends on the way the 1.4 component is set up, and on the way it handles data operations.

The dotSpatial utilities are not yet incorporated in the FluidEarth SDD (see, and also for the topology aspects of geometrical entities).

Remark (Jesper): if these kind of utilities are used in the SDK, they should be added in such a way that they can easily be replaced. Adrian explains that it is indeed the way it is set up, also to avoid that wrappers only run on Windows/.Net and not on Linux/Mono if some of the utilities are not available on the latter.

DHI right now uses a small part of the nettopologysuite. It is based on the geo api (see It might be that dotSpatial will also base their topology part on the geo api. If this all becomes a bit standardize we may extend OpenMI2.Standard.TimeSpace.ISpatialDefinition


There is still a bug in the polygon to polygon mapper. We need to fix that, by we may also replace it by e.g. nettopology suite.

Oatc Java SDK/GUI

Nothing to report (Rob is not attending the session).

Other issues

Peter heared from someone from DHI that OpenFOAM (set has been made OpenMI compliant. Is that indeed the case? Jesper thinks that it isn't, but he will check. If indeed it is, all OATC members are interested.

Next meetings

Thursday November 17., 14:00 CET - 15:00 CET:
OATC session, mainly on OGC preparation
Thursday November 17., 15:00 CET - 16:00 CET
Jesper/Adrian (and anyone who wants to join), on Spatial Definitions in SDK 2.0