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Date: 4 September 2012
Time: 10:30- 12:00 CEST
Venue: Skype Conference Call
Topic: Variuos

Table of contents


Adrian Harper, Innovyze Ltd (
Stef Hummel, Deltares (
Jesper Grooss, DHI (
Standa, DHI (
Rob Knapen, Alterra, Wageningen UR (
Peter Schade, Bundesanstalt fuer Wasserbau (peter.schade(at)
Paul Cleverley, HR Wallingford (SeaZone group) (
Robert, Cracow University of Technology (


Welcome to Paul and Robert as new OATC members. Everyone introduces himself.

Status OGC documents

Standa has worked on the OGC standard document. He will send it to everybody, with two parts specifically marked for Stef and Adrian to review / contribute to. He will send it also to Roger, and ask him to finish to general part, with support of the OATC.

Status SDK / GUI

Adrian will organize a webex to show the progress and current status of the Pipistrelle GUI and the Fluid Earth SDK. It seems to work for quite a bit of compositions, Paul is currently performing acceptance tests.
Adrian will provide an installer, so it is gradually going towards a product.
Paul is setting up a website for training and experiences with the GUI and the models. The OATC is invited to look at it and give feedback.

Status OpenMI components

See also the list in the minutes of meeting 51

Mike-11, Mike-Urban, Mike-SHE, Mike-21 will be available both for OpenMI 2.0 and OpenMI 1.4. Some other models have/will become available too.
The 1.4 GUI is used for 1.4, the 2.0 applications are currently hard code, they will have a look at the Pipistrelle GUI now.
The components are based on the OATC's SDK, with only a very few DHI extensions.

Infoworks for OpenMI 2.0 will be released somewhere this winter (based on the Fluid Earth SDK)

The components mentioned in the table will be available before the end of the year.

There are no outside contributions to the java version developed by Alterra, so currently Alterra is discussing how to proceed with OpenMI.

No new developments right now. But BAW is interested in accessing netcdf files and maybe connecting OpenMI and netcdf, preferrably in a working Java environment.

Paul/HR Wallingford:
Will work on the website mentioned above in the coming weeks.

Has to start working yet, will have first results spring next year.

Next meeting(s)

Thursday Sep 13th, 10:30 CET - 12:00 CET, Webex on Pipistrelle/FluidEarth