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Part 1: Date: 29 October 2013 Time: 13:00 - 14:30 CET
Part 2: Date: 5 november 2013 Time: 13:00 - 14:30 CET
Venue: GoToMeeting
Topic: Completing the OGC document

Adrian Harper, Innovyze Ltd (
Stef Hummel, Deltares ( Grooss
Jesper Grooss, DHI (
Peter Schade, Bundesanstalt fuer Wasserbau ( Knapen
Rob Knapen, Alterra, Wageningen UR (
Roger V. Moore, CEH, (
Bert Jagers, Deltares (
Robert Szczepanek, CUT/NT (
Standa, DHI (
Paul Cleverley, HR Wallingford (SeaZone group) (

Apologies: None

Meeting not completed.


  • Stef sends new document around, including diff-information for new and old document.

Issues to be adressed

Content of zip file

SH: Either we should add the c# and java sources and the xsd’s to the zip file (does not contain them now), or we should change the text to e.g. "... version of the files specifying and documenting the OpenMI 2.0 standard."


  • Remove text: "The OpenMI compliance definition is stated in the comments associated with the source code of the IBaseLinkableComponent"
  • Move last bullet to third bullet and rephrase.
  • Remove reference to source code in bullet 1+2+6 (making document "self-contained")

On the OGC web site there shall be two downloads: The specification and the standards zip file.

Normative Reference to OpenGIS Abstract Specification

PDC: Is there a URI for this document? When I looked it up it appeared to be an OGC deprecated document, though it might not have been at the time we used it..

decision: Peter Schade found a more recent version from 2010. Use new one as reference instead. Can be found from:,d.ZGU

The base URI for XML namespaces

How to fill this in (or skip?)


  • Rename 5.1.4 to "The OpenMI XML namespaces"
  • Remove first two lines (1.4 namespace)

Core vs extension requirements

RVM: I will put a list of the requirements here, whether they are Core or extension and whether they are mandatory or optional.

decision: Peter will review table and check with Rob.

implementations are available in C# and Java?

Maybe rephrase to "available in C# and under development in java"

decision: Standard implementations are available in C# and java. Small rephrase.

Paragraph before 6.1

RVM: Is this paragraph in the wrong place? Is it not a conformance test and therefore should be in Clause 2?
Plus quite a few additional comments, including RVM14.

decision: Deleted

XSD ref. vs Annex B

RVM: Is this the same as Annex B?

decision: Yes, it is the same. Add reference to Annex B.

Is 'Operations' the general term covering properties, methods, etc.?


  • Using instead "Members of ...".
  • Update UML diagrams: <<property>> to <<attribute>>.
  • Define Member as "methods and attributes" before first use of "Members" term.

StatesEnum / StatusPhases

Do we want to keep these, or use LinkableComponentStatus instead?


  • Keep the two requirements
    • The first is static (enumeration)
    • The second is dynamic (use of enumeration)
  • Change name of first requirement, matching enumeration name: LinkableComponentStatus and LinkableComponentBehavior.
  • Add ‘Failed’ to Table 19
  • Move requirement EventExchangeItemChanged to ExchangeItem section
  • Regenerate Figure 11 with only one enumeration list.
  • Regenerate Figure 12 with ExchangeItemChangedEventArg.

Unclear texts in requirements 8.3 / 8.4

English and punctuation need tidying up.

decision: Rephrased by Stef

‘Adapter’ => ‘adaptor’

Adjust in compliance-xsd?


  • Yes, use adaptor (does not change the standard). Roger updates document and annex. Stef updates xsd file.

Wording in table 29

RVM: eg "The IBaseOutput instance whose values are to be adapted" and "The IBaseInput instance which will received the adapted values"

decision: Fine

6.11.2 IByteStateConverter

In what way is this an extension?

decision: Not an extension. Part of core, but optional. Similar IManageState, that is also optional. Rephrased.

ITimeExtension / ITimeSpaceExtension / ITimeSpaceComponent

Check texts and figure 16

decision: Update figure 16: ITimeSpaceComponent below IBaseLinkableComponent and ITimeExtension.. The rest is ok.

PDC62: wrap interface, enum, variable names etc in double quotes or not

SH: note: tables are generated from the C#-code.

decision: Do nothing. leave as is.

PDC57 Remove "Remarks: ..."?

SH: note: tables are generated from the C#-code.

decision: Do nothing, leave as is

getArguments => "Arguments"


decision: Change.

MethodName() in text

(No spaces)


PDC49 ... other components present in the composition ...

(SH) => ... other components are present in the composition ... or
(SH) => ... other components have been added to the composition ...

decision: Go for the second one.

requirements 12.2 / 12.3



  • => A time dependent ...

Appendix A

Choose right wording for how things are tested.
OTC/OCT as name for the Conformance Tool?