• Java supported
    The 1.4 release of the OpenMI standard includes a full definition of the standard in both C# and Java. This means that OpenMI-compliant components can be programmed both in C# (or any other .Net language) and in Java. Please note that OpenMI Java-compliant models/components and OpenMI .Net-compliant component cannot be linked. Also note that the software development kit and the configuration editor provided by the OATC only works with the OpenMI .Net standard.

  • OpenMI SDK
    In previous releases, software libraries and source code that supported the migration of models was released as the Utilities package. The Utilities package has been reorganized and is now released as the OpenMI SDK. The OpenMI SDK is released as source code only (no binaries).

  • Distribution
    The 1.4 release consists of three separate items: the OpenMI standard, the configuration editor and the software development kit (SDK). In previous releases everything was included in a single installation file. The official OpenMI standard is released by the OpenMI Association and made available for download from http://www.openmi.org; the OpenMI configuration editor and the OpenMI SDK are released by the OpenMI Association Technical Committee (OATC), both made available for download from http://sourceforge.net/projects/openmi/.

    Some of the main reasons for splitting the release into three parts are:
    • The OpenMI Association develops, maintains and releases the OpenMI Standard, whereas development of supporting tools and libraries will be done by others. In this respect the OATC is regarded as any other software provider.
    • It is not possible to make backward-compliant releases of the OpenMI Standard - whenever you change a standard you have a new standard. Consequently new standard releases should be done only with long time intervals (e.g. every second year). However, the configuration editor and the SDK can easily be released more frequently. Splitting the release makes such asynchronous releases possible.

  • OpenMI source license
    The OpenMI standard remains under the LGPL licence, whereas the configuration editor and the SDK are released under the 'new BSD licence'. The new BSD licence is less restrictive compared to the LGPL licence.

  • More strict definition of the standard
    The OpenMI standard 1.4 is now defined as follows: "There are two variants of OpenMI compliance. Components can be either OpenMI 1.4 .Net compliant or OpenMI 1.4 Java compliant. OpenMI .Net compliant components must follow the compliance definition given in the comments in the file ILinkableComponent.cs OpenMI. Java compliant components must follow the compliance definition given in the comments in the file ILinkableComponent.java"

  • Namespaces
    The namespace for the OpenMI .Net standard is changed from org.OpenMI.Standard to OpenMI.Standard. For the OpenMI Java standard the name space is org.OpenMI.Standard.

    see also: Upgrading to from previous version
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