March 2008, HEC, Davis, CA

Participants: Jon Fenske (HEC), Ned Banta (USGS), Steve Piper (HEC), Mark Jensen (HEC), Gennadii Donchyts (Deltares)


Notes on some changes during last meeting:

  • Upgrade HEC-RAS and MODFLOW to OpenMI 1.4
  • Implement linking between MODFLOW and RAS using ElementMapper
    • Groundwater Cell Polygon to River Segment Polyline (weighted sum)
    • River Segment Polyline to Groundwater Cell Polygon (weighted mean)
  • Exchange flow into groundwater [cfs] from HEC-RAS --> source flow [cfs] MODFLOW
  • Exchange groundwater level [feet] from MODFLOW --> groundwater level [feet] HEC-RAS
  • Implement simple component to visualize exchanged values on a map in Tools
  • Fixing MEMORY BUG in MODFLOW when solution is not converging (... in progress)
  • Implement unit conversion in MODFLOW wrapper
  • Prepare more advanced examples with 50x50 MODFLOW grid
  • Add XY origin and Rotation for MODFLOW grid as project.xy file and implement calculation of cell polygons in the MODFLOW wrapper (maybe should be part of omi)
  • Extend GUI to send events in Java / C# way instead of async. queue based
  • Remove all river / channel - related knowledge from MODFLOW wrapper - better incapsulation, allow to map river sources on-the-fly using OpenMI instead.
  • Add custom blend configuration for a map
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