Measurement plan

The laboratory experiments are scheduled in six phases:

  • 1A: flow flume experiments for remoulded beds
  • 1B: flow flume experimens for placed and deposited beds
  • 1C: wave-flow flume experiments for placed short bed
  • 1D: wave-flow flume experiments for placed long bed
  • 1E: settling velocities
  • 1F: filling knowledge gaps

The measurement plan for laboratory experiments can be downloaded via this link: 11204950_TKI-MUSA_R2r1_Measurement_plan.pdf 


More than 100 sediment samples were collected at Noordpolderzijl (Wadden Sea, NL), Western Scheldt (NL), Scheldt River (BE), Plymouth Estuary (UK) and Bengal Bay. The samples were analysed at the laboratory of WaterProof. Firstly, the sediment samples were characterized with respect to the percentage of sand in each sample and the wet and dry densities. The sediment samples covered a wide range of sand-mud percentages which was a crucial prerequisite for the project. The percentage of fines (< 63 mum) ranged between approximately 5% and 95%. The analyses also included the mineralogical composition, the grain size distribution, organic material content, wet and dry density, consolidation rates and critical shear stress for surface erosion and mass erosion and the associated erosion rates.

Current status

All different phases of experiments have been finalized. There is a report available of Phase 1A and 1B and a report of Phase 1C and 1D (see below). Another report with lab and field measurements of settling velocities is expected in February 2023.  


The results of phases 1A and 1B can be downloaded via this link: 11204950_TKI-MUSA_Laboratory_Experiments_Phase1AB.pdf

The results of phases 1C and 1D can be downloaded via this link: 11204950_TKI-MUSA_02B_v2_Labexperiments_phase1CD.pdf

Photo gallery

Collection of sediment samples in the Western Scheldt: 


Laboratory experiments phase 1A: 

Laboratory experiments phase 1B: 

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