MAMPEC is being adapted on a regular basis to the changing needs of the regulatory risk assessment of biocides in antifouling paints. In the most recent version (v3.1, 2016) new environmental scenarios for marinas were introduced following the discussions and decisions in meetings of member states and competent authorities, with input from industry and other stakeholders on the implementation of the Biocidal Product Regulation (EU 528/2012/EC). In addition, hydrodynamic and photolysis modules were updated to meet current standards. Current approaches in the risk assessment of contaminants are shifting towards more probabilistic approaches. Against this background, and with emerging applications MAMPEC in new fields (fish farming, protective coatings in offshore wind parks) there was a need for new and innovative extensions of MAMPEC.
For the current project CEPE and Deltares propose a joint effort to apply and develop more advanced approaches, to conduct validation studies (review of field studies and advanced modeling), to publish data on the model and applications, to support further improvements and applicability of MAMPEC. It offers an excellent possibility to further validate and strengthen MAMPEC, to develop new innovative options for higher tier assessments and to expand dissemination activities (publications, webinar and regular course).

The objective of the current project is to develop and deliver a new and improved version of MAMPEC, meeting new probabilistic requirements in risk assessment and new options for multiple scenario management and new scenarios for new fields of application (fish farming, offshore wind parks). This will fit better to the needs and questions of the painting industry and regulatory agencies, and thus contribute to a better management of environmental risks of biocides in the aquatic environment.

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