1. Literature analysis

Literature review on sand and mud: 11204950-001-ZKS-0002_v0.1-Literature review on sand and mud_FINAL.pdf

Literature review on measuring and interpretation of settling velocity and particle size: 111204950_TKI-MUSA_01B_Hydrometer_tests_and_procedures.pdf

2. Laboratory experiments 

Results of laboratory experiments Phase 1A and 1B: 11204950_TKI-MUSA_Laboratory_Experiments_Phase1AB_final.pdf
1A: Sediment analysis & erosion of remoulded beds under currents
1B: Erosion of placed-bed and deposited-beds under currents 

Results of laboratory experiments Phase 1C and 1D: 11204950_TKI-MUSA_02B_v2_Labexperiments_phase1CD.pdf
1C:  Wave-flow flume experiments for placed short beds 
1D: Wave-flow flume experiments for placed long beds

3. Field measurements

Field measurements in the Dutch Wadden Sea near Holwerd: 11204950_TKI-MUSA_03A_Fieldexperiments_Holwerd.pdf

Field measurements of settling velocities and floc sizes in the ferry channel near Holwerd: 111204950_TKI-MUSA_03B_Fieldmeasurements_settling velocities and floc sizes.pdf

4. Numerical modelling

Sand-mud modelling in Delft3D: 11204950_TKI-MUSA_04_Modelling sand-mud dynamics in Delft3D.pdf

5. Synthesis

Synthesis of all MUSA experiments, measurements and modelling: 11204950_TKI-MUSA_05_Synthesis of MUSA experiments, measurements and modelling.pdf


A draft version of the MUSA Database can be downloaded via this link: 11204950_TKI-MUSA_Database_v26012024.xlsx

A final version of the database will be available in February 2024. 

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