Relative rise is sea level implies that even when the water level at the ocean side stays the same, the water level may still increase due to land subsidence. The problems associated with such relative sea level rise is already experienced in many delta location in the world. See for e.g.:

 - Indonesia

 - Bangladesh

 - Nigeria

Together with TUDelft PhD student Aulia Valencia, we worked on implementation of compaction and consolidation processes into Delft3D. These processes can then be included in Delft3D-GeoTool type models to simulate relative sea level rise.


The code used for the compaction and consolidation module can be found in a research branch of our open source model Delft3D here:

delft3d - Revision 141633: /branches/research/Technical University of Delft/20190419_consolidation_compaction_v2 (

Currently a version of this code is being integrated in to the trunk branch of the Delft3D sourcecode and is expected to be available there later in the year. 

In addition, this work has recently been accepted for open access publication in the journal The Depositional Record (link to follow).

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