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  • In 2018 MorphAn will undergo a series of sprints in order to bring a more stable and refined product for the end user. Additionally new techniques will be applied such as moving old graphical features to WPF to reduce code duplicity.
  • In 2019 MorphAn will try to fix the existent bugs of the tool, migrate to WPF and study the possibility of a different DataBase system for an improved performance.

Morhpan shared space can be found in P:\morphan

Current team composition


Deliver a fluent stable tool that can be used by different clients and based on different models (Netherlands, Belgium, France..).

Intended program: 

  • Maintenance and improvement of current versions.
  • Redesign of old functionalities.


  • MorphAn Plugin Release 1.6.1
  • MorphAn Plugin Release 1.7
  • MorphAn Plugin Release 1.8.3

JIRA board

In order to keep track of all issues and new features for MorphAn, we use this backlog. Which is linked with the MorphAn Delta Shell Plugin issue board (used during SCRUM / Kanban sprints).

Team city configuration

MorphAn currently has one Team City configuration for each of the versions released. Since the release of 1.6.1. we try to keep, as a general base, the following configurations:

  • MSI Installers - Build that generates the artifcats to distribute among clients (pinned as versions)
  • ZIP - Build that generates a zip release version of the software to distribute among internal users for direct testing.
  • The following test categories:
    • Unit tests
    • Unit tests (slow)
    • Data Access
    • Integration
    • Performance
    • Windows Forms
    • Acceptance
    • Work In Progress
  • And the following code coverages:
    • Unit test
    • Exteded (includes integration, data access and whichever is needed).


The branches should receive the Trunk updates at least once per week (during development of said branches) in order to achieve a neat merge to the Trunk.

We currently have some issues if trying to merge the entire branch 1.6.1. with the trunk (1.7). Although the team city build status of the trunk (revision #39894) has the same results as the branch 1.6.X (Release 1.6.1., revision 39872), please keep in mind there might be some conflicts if trying to merge again from 1.6 to 1.7 directly.

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