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The tag endDateTime refers to the column EIND.  startDateTime Together the startDateTime and  endDateTime define for which period this location is valid.


The tag relation with id "relation" defines a related location. The value is stored in the column REL. The value should be the location id of the related location. 

But, what if this relation changes over time? How should such a change be configured? This will be explained by an example.

If, for example, the related location of location A changes over time then this should be configured in the following way.

In this example we will assume that location A has a related location B until 1-1-2014.

After this date the related location should be will change to location C.

First a row should exists in the csv (or dbf) file of this locationset with the value A in the column ID and the column which defines the relation (REL) should have the id


The column REL should have the value C to indicate that the related location is C.


In the case that the related location of a location can vary over time but that a lot of attributes stay constant, it is useful to define the constant attributes in a separate attribute file. In the example above an attribute file (attribute.csv) is configured. This file should be located in the same directory (mapLayersFiles) as the file myLocationFile.csv.