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  • The module will take all external time series into account (external historical , and external forecast series created inside and outside the workflow) and only simulated (simulated historical, simulated forecasting) time series which are created within the same workflow.
  • When the module should also only check external time series changed within the current workflow, the attribute "onlyCheckThresholdsOfChangedSeries" of in the workflow descriptor can file need to be set to true.
  • The module needs to be added to at the end of the workflow where the timeseries have been created (e.g. imported or by transformation).
  • The relativeViewPeriod configured for the validation timeseries timeseriesSets in the ThresholdValueSets.xml determines the viewPeriod for which thresholdcrossings are determined. If the timeseries that has been imported or otherwise created is longer than the configured relative view period, the values outside this relativeViewPeriod will not be validated.
  • As a result, the threshold crossing logs are written to the database, and can for example be used in eventActions and shown in the system wide threshold events display.
  • When time series from within a threshold value set should not be taken into account, do not use a <relativeViewPeriod> for them and not a <readWriteMode> that says "read complete forecast".