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The check box is  enabled  when the selected workflow has an option allowSelection=true  in WorkflowDescriptors.xml. The workflow will be then run only for locations selected in the Explorer Filters. It is not allowed to configure a forecast workflow with the allowSelection option set to true

Run for selected ensemble member indices

Specify for which ensemble member indices the workflow should run. Separated by comma use - for ranges. For example 1,5-7,11

The ensemble member selection will apply to ANY ensemble that is present in the workflow. 

Not setting a selection results in the full ensemble to be ran.
The user will need to know if the selection given is plausible: FEWS will not check if the specified ensemble members indeed exist.

State Selection

Leaving Select initial state unchecked, the default state- as has been configured by the system manager- will be used to start the historic run preceding a forecast simulation (see also Running Modules ). For statefull simulation models- like hydrodynamic models- this means that the state selection for a model will follow the state selection rules as configured in the General Adapter Module Instances.