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Instead of specifying the URL of a single file on an OPeNDAP server, it is also possible to specify the URL of a catalog. The files on an OPeNDAP server are usually grouped in folders and for each folder there is a catalog file available. The catalog usually contains a list of files and subfolders, but can also refer to other catalog files.

To filter the catalog for a specific period, a fileNameObservationDateTimePattern should be specified in combination with a relative or absolute period to import. Note that specifying the fileNameObservationDateTimePattern also causes the parser to use the observation date as indicated by the filename instead of the meta data that may or may not be included in the file content.

If the URL of a catalog file is specified for the import without configuring the fileNameObservationDateTimePattern element, then all files that are listed in the catalog will be parsed, and only the content that falls within the specified absolute or relative period will be imported in the database, which can be very inefficient. Other catalogs that are listed in the specified catalog are also imported recursively.


Code Block
		<startDateTime date="2007-07-01" time="00:00:00"/>
		<endDateTime date="2008-01-01" time="00:00:00"/>
		<timeSeriesType>external historical</timeSeriesType>
		<timeStep unit="nonequidistant"/>
		<readWriteMode>add originals</readWriteMode>