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  • WMS_BASE_URL (string): url that will be reported in the GetCapabilities response as URL to be used to request maps.

  • WMS_CLIENT_CACHE_TIMEOUT (integer): Timeout of the cache in seconds, that is sent to the browser. default is 300 seconds (15 minutes). To disable caching, set the timeout to 0.

  • WMS_ALLOWED_GRID_PLOT_GROUP_ID (string): Id of the grid plot group which layers will be made available in the WMS service. If not configured, all layers are available.
  • WMS_IMAGE_MAX_WIDTH_HEIGHT (integer): The maximum size of the WIDTH and HEIGHT product GetMap parameters. For 2020.01 the default is set to 10 million (The default before 2020.01 was set to 2304000, the full HD resolution of 1920x1200). N.B.: The higher this value is set, the more memory is required to generated the WMS images.
  • WMS_MAX_NUMBER_OF_CACHED_LAYERS (integer, since 2019.02, obsolete since 2020.01 since layers are no longer cached): The maximum number of layers that are cached in the WMS services. The default is 100. The optimal number depends on the amount of memory available and the number of configured layers and the size of the layers. When the WMS runs into Out Of Memory issues, the size of the number should be lowered or the memory increased. 
  • WMS_PRELOAD_CAPABILITIES (boolean, default false): The first request to GetCapabilities might take long if a lot of grids are configured. To preload these grids on startup, the WMS_PRELOAD_CAPABILITIES can be set to true. This will make the first request to GetCapabilities fast as well.

ICT requirements

For general FewsWebServices requirements, see: Installation