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Delft-FEWS can export messages to the archive via the ArchiveExportModule (exportMessages activity).
For messages a dataset is generated for every area on a daily basis. The associated directory structure of the Delft-FEWS export for this type of dataset is as follows.

Note: The date associated with a message is the creation time, not the T0 at which the forecaster note was created or the Event Time. This means that the relative period as configured in exportMessages  (which is relative to T0), for exporting the forecaster Notes to the Archive should cover the creation time. This is not so mch an issue in a live system, as it is in a Stand Alone, where T0 and System Time might be far apart.

The exportArchiveModule.xsd has a dedicated exportMessages section to configure the messages that need to be archived (see Figure 4.3). Currently only ForecasterNotes can be archived. Table 4.2 documents the associated elements:
Table 4.2 Delft-FEWS export configuration for archiving messages