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PhD theses

  1. Van Engelen, J., 2020. Fresh groundwater reserves in major deltas: Evolution and current state of deltaic groundwater resources, Utrecht University, Utrecht, 194 pp. 
    download PhD thesis

  2. Huizer, S. 2019. Fresh groundwater in large beach nourishments; Growth of freshwater resources in coastal areas, Utrecht University, Utrecht, 152 pp. 
    download PhD thesis
  3. Delsman, J.R. 2015, Saline groundwater - surface water interaction in coastal lowlands, VU University Amsterdam, Amsterdam, 194 pp. 
    download PhD thesis 
  4. Pauw, P.S. 2015. Field and Model Investigations of Freshwater Lenses in Coastal Aquifers, PhD thesis, Wageningen University, Wageningen, 168 pp.
    download PhD thesis
  5. De Louw, P.G.B. 2013. Saline seepage in deltaic areas. Preferential groundwater discharge through boils and interactions between thin rainwater lenses and upward saline seepage. PhD thesis, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, ISBN/EAN 9789461085429. 
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