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Welcome to the salinisation wiki of Deltares! 

The impact of salinisation is becoming a bigger problem in various parts around the world. Given climate change, droughts, sea level rise and anthropogenic impacts such as rising demand for fresh water, dams and dredging, long-term effects must be considered in current and future interventions in the system. Deltares is using its system knowledge and models to contribute to monitoring, forecasting, scenario analysis, policy studies, effect analyses, testing innovations and implementing solutions. A partner to tackle salt intrusion in an integrated and future-resilient way.

As a knowledge institute, it is important to be at the forefront of knowledge and tool development, and of developing adaptive strategies for a sustainable (fresh) water supply, both in a national and an international setting. We have therefore formed Team Salinisation. Within Team Salinisation, we aim to combine the strengths of the different units and programs within Deltares towards scientific and societal impact by working on an integrated approach for saltwater management and building a community of salt experts. This wiki serves as a portfolio for all salinisation projects within Deltares.

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