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  • Adaptatie aan droogte en verzilting in het gekoppelde grondwater - oppervlaktewatersysteem

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Delsman, J. R., Hu-a-ng, K. R. M., Vos, P. C., de De Louw, P. G. B., Oude Essink, G. H. P., Stuyfzand, P. J., & Bierkens, M. F. P. (20132014). PalaeoPaleo-modeling of coastal salt water saltwater intrusion during the Holocene: an application to the Netherlands. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions, 10(11), 13707–13742., 3891–3905. doi:10.5194/hessdhess-1018-137073891-20132014

Delsman, J. R., Waterloo, M. J., Groen, M., Groen, K., & Stuyfzand, P. (2014). Investigating summer flow paths in a Dutch agricultural field using high frequency direct measurements. Journal of Hydrology (accepted).