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A set of time depedent locations can be configured int the LocationSets.xml file.  Below is een example file.


Code Block
<locationSet id="example">
	<geoDatum>Rijks Driehoekstelsel</geoDatum>
	<description>Example of time dependent locations</description><startDateTime>%START%</startDateTime>
	<relation id="relation">
	<attribute id="PARAMETERS">
		<attribute id="Q">


The tags visibilityStartTime and visibilityEndTime relate to a columns in the in the file mapLayers/myLocationFile.dbf.  The dbf file defines which locations are in the locationSet example.

The column ID defines the id of the location. The column NAME defines the name. The tag visibilityStarTime refers to the column START.

The tag visibiltyEndTime refers to the column END. The combination of both defines for which period this location is valid.


The tag relation with id relation defines a related location. The value is stored in the column REL. The value should be the location id of the related location.