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Code Block
<locationSet id="example">
	<geoDatum>Rijks Driehoekstelsel</geoDatum>
	<relation id="relation">
	<attribute id="PARAMETERS">
		<attribute id="Q">


The tags visibilityStartTime startDateTime and visibilityEndTime endDateTime relate to the columns in the file mapLayersmapLayersFiles/myLocationFile.dbfcsv The dbf csv file defines which locations are in the locationSet example.

Besides defining the locations in a csv file it is also possible to define the locations in a dbf file.

The column ID defines the id of the location. The column NAME defines the name. The tag visibilityStarTime startDateTime refers to the column START.

The tag visibiltyEndTime endDateTime refers to the column END. visibilityStarTime and visibiltyEndTime define EIND. startDateTime and  endDateTime define for which period this location is valid.


until 1-1-2014. After this date the related location should be location C. First a row should exists in the dbf file of this locationset with the value A in column ID and the column which defines the relation (REL) should have the id

B of location B. The END EIND column should indicate that this is valid until 1-1-2014. The START column should indicate the start date of this relation. A second row with the same value A for the ID column should also exist. The START column should indicate that this row is valid from 1-1-2014. The EIND column should indicate the end of this relation.

The column REL should have the value C to indicate that the related location is C.


In the case that the related location of a location can vary over time but that a lot of attribute attributes stay constant, it is useful to define the constant attributes in a separate attribute file. In the example above an attribute file (attribute.csv) is configured. This file should be located in the same directory (mapLayersFiles) as the file myLocationFile.csv.

The attributes which dont vary over time can be placed in this file. However the attributeFile supports the definition of a starttime and endtime in the same way it can be defined for a locationSet.