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The tags startDateTime and endDateTime relate to the columns in the file mapLayersFiles/myLocationFile.csv.  The  This csv file defines which locations are in the locationSet example.


In the case that the related location of a location can vary over time but that a lot of attributes stay constant, it is useful to define the constant attributes in a separate attribute file. In the example above an attribute file (attribute.csv) is configured. This file should be located in the same directory (mapLayersFiles) as the file myLocationFile.csv.

The attributes which dont don't vary over time can be placed in this file. However In the attributeFile supports the definition of a starttime and endtime in the same way it can be defined for a locationSetcase that the attributes defined in the attributes.csv file also vary over time it is possible to for which time periods attributes are valid

in a similar way as it can be done for the location file.

Grid display

The grid display supports the usage of time dependent locations and polygons. The time displayed in the grid display can be varied by using the time slider at the top of the display. In a FEWS system were locations are not time


The polygons of the locations of the time series shown in the display will vary automaticly over time when locations are configured to be time dependent. The map layers can be time dependent. An example configuration within the GridDisplay.xml is shown below.

Code Block
		<esriShapeLayer id="Peilgebieden">

When a user double clicks on a spot in a shape in the grid display, the plots dialog will automatically open and the time series of the selected polygon will be shown.

But with the introduction of time dependent locations it is possible that the polygon which overlaps a selected geographical point varies over time.

If this is the case and the user double clicks on a spot where the overlap in time occurs, the time series shown in the plots display will also vary over time, so multiple time series will be visible for the total period.

The MapToolTip (button "tooltip") also takes into account that locations and the related polygons can vary over time.

Filters and Map display

By default the map display and filters will not take into account that the locations shown are time dependent but show the situation as it is at the display time. In the explorer.xml it is possible to configure that the map display shows a time slider


should be considered as going into a sort of special mode which allows to view how locations were configured in the past.

The MapToolTip (button "tooltip") and MapItemSelectTool (button "select locations with lasso tool") take into account the selected time in time slider.

If the time slider is not selected the system time is used.

Time dependent map layers

The map layers can be configured in the SystemConfigFiles/Explorer.xml file.

The map layers in the map display can be made time dependent in the same way as the map layers in the grid display.

The example in the section Grid display shows how this can be done.


The transformation module automatically takes into account the time dependency of the locations. No configuration is needed in the transformation module. If an end time is introduced for a location and time series are