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Does the Van Eekelen completed her doctorate dissertation in 2015. The research on basal reinforced piled embankments is being continued:

  • How does  the load distribution change over the years?
How great are the effects on a piled embankment? What about the pile load over the years? All of the above is tested in a number of long-term monitoring programmes:
  • Rail road in Houten
    • What is the effect of high ground water tables or extreme rain?
    • How to design with different fill materials?

    For this reason two field monitoring programs will be continued for years:

    • Railway in Houten
    • The highway exit near Woerden (connection between A12 and N204)
  • Kyoto Road

    What is the difference between 1 or 2 layers of geosynthetic reinforcement? How much difference does the application of granular material or sand give?

    What are the effects when applying granular material or sand? What is the influence of the subsoil? The Deltares laboratory can analyse this with a series of tests.

    Suzanne van Eekelen analysis the results of these studies in a PhD study.

    The CUR task group ‘Design guideline piled embankments’ plans to publish the next version of the design guideline within a few years.Furthermore, a new series of laboratory tests will be carried out.







    The Dutch version of Piled Embankment: Paalmatrassystemen


    Test series piled embankments
    in the laboratory of Deltares