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Delft-FEWS can export rating curves to the archive via the ArchiveExportModule (exportRatingCurves activity). The entire history of the rating curves is exported and the export format is PI-XML (not NetCDF!). The associated root directory structure of the Delft-FEWS export for this type of dataset is as follows FEWS-10198: update directory structure to above setup:
The configurator can choose between exporting the full set or just the rating curves that have changed, with or without modifier changes.
The exportArchiveModule.xsd has a dedicated exportRatingCurve section to setup the export of the Configuration. Table 4.6 and Figure 4.7 discuss the general section.





RatingCurvesActivities ComplexType



RatingCurvesExportActivity ComplexType





without nc extension, preferably no spaces



area to which the dataset belongs



Stage increment between the rows in a rating table



Locations for which rating curves should be exported to this file


Archiving Delft-FEWS snap shots

Location of the snapshot

Snap shots of the Delft-FEWS database can be archived via the archiveExportModule (exportSnapShot activity).
For snapshots a dataset is generated and stored under the configured area at the memoment moment of workflow execution. The associated directory structure of the Delft-FEWS export for this type of dataset is as follows:
Figure 4.9 and Table 4.8 documents the associated elements in the exportSnapShot activity:.

Incremental export

Since 2019.02 the archive snapshot export is incremental. A copy of the last exported snapshot is made to use as base for the new export. The modified and new rows are copied. Rows that are no longer in the specified profile or central database are deleted from the copy. The snapshot is compacted afterwards . Whether or not a previous snapshot is used as base, the created snapshot contains the same rows and has the same size.

Delft-FEWS stores the location of the last snapshot in a text file: $ARCHIVE_FOLDER$\lastExportedSnapshotPath_$AREA$.txt, If this file does not exist, Delft-FEWS will export a complete snapshot.

Table 4.8 Delft-FEWS export configuration for archiving database snap shots