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In the case that the related location of a location can vary over time but that a lot of attributes stay constant, it is useful to define the constant attributes in a separate attribute file. In the example above an attribute file (attribute.csv) is configured. This file should be located in the same directory (mapLayersFiles) as the file myLocationFile.csv.

The attributes which don't vary over time can be placed in this file. In the case that the attributes defined in the attributes.csv file also vary over time it is possible to for which time periods attributes are valid

in a similar way as it can be done for the location fileHowever is some cases the attributes also vary over time but vary independent of the of location they belong to. The location might for example change its relation only once while some attributes are changed every year. If this is the case then one should also place these attributes in a seperate csv (or dbf) file. The way the start- and end time of the attributes are configured is comparable to how the start- and end time of the location itself is configured.

The element csv file contain an element startDateTime and endDateTime which define the columns which contain the start and endtime of a single row of attribute definitions.

Grid display

The grid display supports the usage of time dependent locations and polygons. The time displayed in the grid display can be varied by using the time slider at the top of the display. In a FEWS system were locations are not time