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What is the accuracy of the app?The accuracy depends on the accuracy of the test strips. Test strips for nitrate give an indicative measurement. In our tests, we've found an accuracy of ~30%, while conventional laboratory measurements have an accuracy around 10%. See also the Accuracy page.
What does it cost?~0.50 EUR per measurement. Check the getting started page for an order form.
What is your business model?Like all Deltares software, the app is free ('dare to share'). We're mainly interested in finding new projects to work on the next developments for the app, which will then become available for the entire user community. Organizations with specific requests (e.g. other parameters, an own private web viewer) are encouraged to contact us.
How can I give the app the rights to use my smartphone's camera? (this is sometimes blocked, e.g. on SAMSUNG S6)In the security options of your smartphone. For the SAMSUNG S6: go to the app access rights in the privacy settings. Select 'Camera' and give the Nitrate App access.

How can I get the most accurate location?

What if the app can't find my location?

Set the ‘location services’ mode of your smartphone to ‘device only’ (GPS). Make sure that you are not inside a building, in between tall buildings and/or trees. Location estimation using a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks ('High accuracy') sometimes overrules the GPS location with locations of nearby Wi-Fi or GSM antennas. For indoor demos, you can temporally switch the Location Mode to 'High accuracy'. Apps like Google Maps may adjust your Location Mode back to 'High accuracy', so check this before using the Nitrate App.