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The element csv file contain an element startDateTime and endDateTime which define the columns which contain the start and endtime of a single row of attribute definitions.


The configuration of the start time and end time of a location and its attributes must be configured according to the following rules:

  • The period in which the location exists in FEWS (visibilty period) is derived from the main configuration file in the locationSet configuration
  • The periods defined in the attributes file should be consistent with the visibility period defined for the location. If all the periods defined in the attributefile for a certain location were combined they should span the exact period if all the periods defined in the main configuration file were combined to a period. If this is not the case an configuration error will be thrown during the startup of FEWS and the behaviour of the system with regard to time dependent locations is undefined.



Grid display

The grid display supports the usage of time dependent locations and polygons. The time displayed in the grid display can be varied by using the time slider at the top of the display. In a FEWS system were locations are not time