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The root of the tomcat installation is referred to as "${catalina.home}" and will be used from here. The root of a tomcat installation can be recognized by the webapps and conf directories.

It is recommended to give a tomcat a heapsize of at least 1GByte. This can be done using the -Xmx1024m java argument. For general instructions on installing tomcat, see also: Delft-FEWS Installation - Install Apache Tomcat.

FewsWebServices.war installation

The FEWS Web Services are packaged in a file called the FewsWebServices.war. Before installation, make sure the tomcat server has been shutdown. Inspect the ${catalina.home}/webapps folder and inspect if there is a FewsWebServices folder. If this folder exists, delete the ${catalina.home}/webapps/FewsWebServices folder. The FewsWebServices.war file has to be copied to the ${catalina.home}/webapps folder.