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Important: the adapter doesn't support timezones. Therefore, the timezone in the General Adapter should be set at +00:00 and the timezones in the model too. This means for example for D-Flow FM that in the mdu file the Tzone property is set to 0.

Important: if the exported timeseries from the GA are exceeding the T0 (like in case of RR is often the case with daily evaporation timeseries), use the <ignoreRunPeriod> option in the export timeseries activity to ignore the timeseries that exceed the T0. This ensures that the modelstate is imported into FEWS on the proper time (in most cases T0) instead of the last timestamp. See also 05 General Adapter Module - DELFT-FEWS Documentation - Deltares Public Wiki

The dimr configuration file will be read to find the components that are being used so it knows which files need to be changed.