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This section describes how the FEWS Web Services can be protected using the security mechanisms of the Tomcat application server. 

In this section an example is given of using Basic Authentication as security measure using the default UserDatabaseRealm using a file based user store. Alternatively Tomcat has support for connecting to an LDAP server or using a JDBC connection to a database to access user accounts.


Tomcat 8 or 9 is recommended above Tomcat 7 for it's advanced security possibilities using the so called CredentialHandler


  • FEWS PI Rest Web Services: /rest/fewspiservice/*
  • FEWS PI SOAP Web Services: /fewspiservice
  • FEWS Digitale Delta Web Services: /rest/digitaledelta/*
  • FEWS WaterML Web Services: /waterml
  • FEWS PI Rest Umaquo Web Services: /umaquo
  • FEWS WMS Web Services: /wms
  • FEWS Schematic Status Display Web Services: /ssd