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For Citrix kind of installations, one can edit or create shortcuts in a different way. This is explained here.

How to create a Delft-FEWS portable package (shortcut with relative path) -


Steps to follow (Windows)

If you want to share a Delft-FEWS application and you want to distrubute a 'ready-to-launch' (SA) package regardless the location on a computer, please follow the steps below. In this way, after unzipping the package, the user only have to double-click the *lnk file in the Region_Home and the application launches (so CreateShortcuts.exe can be avoided by the end user).

  1. Create your Delft-FEWS Stand-Alone application (in Delft-FEWS terminology: Region_Home folder), anywhere on your system;
  2. Add an appropriate *patch.jar in the root of this folder (if it is not in there yet. It might be there already)
  3. Copy a Delft-FEWS binaries /bin/ folder INSIDE the Stand-Alone application folder;
  4. Navigate into the bin/windows folder, locate the CreateShortcuts.exe and run it;
  5. Create a shortcut to the clientConfig.xml in your Stand-Alone application folder (tick the box 'Region Home' only);
  6. Close the CreateShortcuts.exe;
  7. Test if the newly created *.lnk file works
  8. Close Delft-FEWS again.
  9. Use a file-packer (e.g. WinZip) to zip up the Delft-FEWS Stand Alone Application as a whole. This is now the distributable package!