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Delft-FEWS can export simulations to the archive via the ArchiveExportModule (exportSimulations activity). Typically this archiving activity is included in the workflow that computes the final approved forecast.It is however

Exporting forecasts can be done in three ways:

Exporting forecasts in the workflow which computed the forecast

The preferred way of archiving forecasts is at the end of the workflow which computed the forecast. Especially when you have using modifiers in your workflow. If you export the data in another workflow after the forecast is computed it is not guaranteed that the applied modifiers are still available in FEWS.

Exporting all forecasts in a relative period

It is also possible to archive a simulation from a scheduled workflow. In this case a relative period (relativePeriod in schema) should be configured to indicate which time period should be archived. In addition the workflow id (workflowId in schema) should be configured which should be archived. 

Exporting the current forecast in a workflow which didn't computed the forecast

It is also possible to archive the current forecast to the archive from another workflow that computed the forecast.

If the export is done without an relative period but not in the workflow which created the forecast the current forecast will be exported. If you have used modifiers in this workflow you should also configure the relatedWorkflowId . The modifiers which are applied in the last run of this workflow which to indicate which workflow was run to compute the forecast, this will ensure that the modifiers used in this workflow will also be exported to the archive. This scenario is typically used when the simulation is published manually after the forecast has run and was reviewed.

The associated root directory structure of the Delft-FEWS export for this type of dataset is as follows:
Where <dd> refers to the date of the forecast time T0.
This directory holds the metaData.xml as well as runInfo.xml file with the FEWS taskrun properties (see Figure 3.8). Within this directory the following sub-folders may exist:
/timeseries, /reports, /modifiers, /states
The exportArchiveModule.xsd has a dedicated exportSimulated section to configure the messages that need to be archived (see Figure 3.7). The associated specification is given in Table 4.4.
Table 4.4 Delft-FEWS export configuration for archiving simulations